Omnilife products are made with the highest quality of natural ingredients.Omnilife nutritional complements are delicious drink mixes and liquid vitamins for weigth loss energy and a healthier inmune system and anti-aging. They are not medication.



Product with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and herbs  (OMNIPLUS)

An original Omnilife Product with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and herbs, designed to provide your body with a complete formula of elements to support its normal physiological function. Besides, the extracts of twelve different plants and fruits it also contains gel of Aloe vera, tocopherol, vitamin C, vitamin A, Niacinamide, Biotine and Pantothenate of calcium, Beta carotene, pyrodoxine, riboflavin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, Copper, Magnesium, Chromiun and Zinc. It is better absorbed by your body because of a special micellized formulation. Due to the uniqueness of the formula every organ of your body would benefit from you taking this product. This delicious liquid dietary supplement comes in two differents flavors: orange and fruits; take it diluted in water or juice.


Energy Supplement (MAGNUS)

One of the best energy supplement drinks. Citric fruit flavored, rich in vitamins and minerals Magnus provides six to eight hours of energy charge to your body, completely eliminating the sensation of fatigue; great way to start your day. Support mental alertness and energy levels during workouts or long hours in the office.


Supplement that helps whit the brain functions (KENYA)

Delicious orange flavored drink rich in vitamins and minerals; provides a great support to your body's neurotransmitters functions, helping you to stay alert and concentrated throughout the day.


Soy-based creamy smothie (MALTEADA)

Comes in three delicious flavors: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. It is one of the best sources of organic proteins and iron with a high level of intestinal assimilation. Combined with a complete daily value of essential vitamins and minerals, it provides your body with all of the vital nutritional elements and is specially recommended for those who have poor nutritional habits. Its primer ingredients - skim milk, lactobacillus, calcium casseinates , soy protein, milk serum, organic fiber, potassium, magnesium zinc riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin D folic acid and vitamin K- help to control weight when combined with other management programs.


Soy-based creamy yogurt (NEUGHURT)

A powder used to prepare soy-based creamy yogurt. Dietary supplement drink that comes in three delicious flavors: peach, pina colada and strawberry. It supports your intestinal flora providing your body with calcium, an indispensable element for any stage of development.


Thermogen tea  (TEATINO)

A delicious tea drink that comes in form of powder and causes the effect of thermogenesis a process of body heat generation based in burning calories. Its unique combination of nutritional ingredients facilitates weight loss and helps maintaining a healthy blood sugar levels. Enjoy it hot or cold after each meal.


Thermogen Coffee (CAFECINO)

Delicious coffee drink that comes in form of powder, helping you with weight management thanks to its thermogenic effect, a process of body heat generation on burning calories. Enjoy any of its three original flavors, hot or cold after each meal. 


Thermogen cola (EGO COLA)

A delicious caffeine free cola flavored drink with thermogenic effect, a process of body heat generation based on burning calories that help you to stay fresh and lose sizes. For best result combine it with other thermogenic products. Flavors: peach, lemon, Teatino and cafetino. Enjoy it cold or over ice two or three times a day


Mandarin flavored drink that helps whit weigth control (EGO MANDARIN)

Is a delicious flavored drink that when combined with other weight management programs help to maintain body's normal metabolism and control appetite, supporting your energy levels during the day. It is designed for all those who want to maintain the figure without a great sacrifice. Enjoy it cold or over ice from two to three times a day.


Refreshing drink with vitamins and minerals (EGO FRUTAS)

Refreshing drink with vitamins and minerals based on a licorice extract: a plant known to support and efficient digestion. Ego Frutas del Bosque combines berry, raspberry and grape flavors and is enjoyed best when served cold after an abundant meal or ingestion of food high in fat.


Herbal dietary supplement drink (EGO HIERBAS)

An herbal dietary supplement drink that combines in a poweful synergy and array of vitamins and minerals with herbal extracts .This is one of the most complete and effective formula to support a healthy body functions.


Delicious refreshing drink, is formulated to support your body during workouts (EGO LIFE)

When we subject our body to a prolonged exercise routine it is necessary to recover the level of liquids and electrolytes in order to avoid dehydration. This is a delicious refreshing drink, is formulated to support your body during workouts and physical activities and to provide and adequate replenishment of liquids in a most efficient way. It is one of the best hypotonic drinks in the market that regulates the transportation of electrolytes at a cellular level to hydrate your body at greater speed. This is why it is perfect for high performance athletes. Egolife is designed for everyone who wants to have a better performance in daily workouts and could be enjoyed before, after or during exercise.


Refreshing mint flavored drink (EGO MINT)

This is a refreshing mint flavored drink that comes in form of powder as a result of Omnilife investigation of plants and herbs thorough of beneficial properties, along with the array of vital components such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Egomint contains a high percentage of phyto-estrogens derived from soy making it an ideal source of nutrients for women over the age of 40.


Creamy drink rich in digestive fiber (FIBER PLUS)

Is designed to supplement your diet with seven grams of oat bran, corn bran, soy fiber in addition to calcium, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin D, papaya powder, plum, beet and lactobacillus, altogether helping your digestive system to function correctly and your body to eliminate toxins one day to day adding up only 43 calories. Remember fiber is indispensable for all ages and must be taken daily dissolved in water or juice.


Powder to prepare a delicious flavored drink rich in vitamin C (DUAL C)

Dietary supplement that comes in powder to prepare a delicious flavored drink which contains one of the best anti-oxidants: Vitamin C, that helps your body to form a shield that protects from harmful effects of free radicals. Its balanced nutritional qualities make C-MAX-MIX a great source of Vitamin C which in fact is also known to be a great help in slowing the effects of cellular aging


Strawberry flavored dietary supplement special for women. (FEM)

Strawberry flavored dietary supplement that comes in form of powder to provide sufficient quantity of antioxidants to women's body and it prepares for changes it experiences through different stages of life. This product delivers a unique combination of all the main vitamins and minerals a female body needs, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Nicotinamide and chromium among others; can be taken with meals.


Dietary supplement special for men. (HOM)

One of the most complete nutritional formulas for men available that is designed specifically to melt a man's body needs and support functions through different stages of men's life. It's a refreshing green apple flavored drink that contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins to help support your body's natural response to stress while promoting endurance. Hom-oml improves the quality of life and it's recommended for all ages. Enjoy it two or three times a day with meals.


Mango flavored drink that helps digestion (ONE PERL MEAL)

Delicious mango flavored drink that contains a broad-spectrum digestive complex that helps digestion, and supplements the nutritional component of foods that are lost during the cooking process. Its complex of ingredients such as Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Biotine, Vitamin K, Manganese, Sodium, Potassium and selenium helps to support your body's natural metabolic processes.



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